UI Issue: Cannot Interact (MalberS Animal Controller)

Hello. For the last 5+ hours I’ve been trying to get somewhere with the “coherence | Single-player to multiplayer in 5 minutes” tutorial video which makes use of MalberS Animal Controller.

Everything appeared to be going well until I got to the point of pressing Play & creating a room. The UI simply refuses to be interacted with. Any attempts to click buttons, select the dropdown or text input box simply make the mouse cursor disappear from the screen. [Video highlighting the issue]

Reading through the comments on the video itself, I did find one very frustrated user with the same issue, as well as a recommendation from @ciro_coh suggesting that a missing EventSystem might be to blame. This is not the case, at least in my project, as the EventSystem is very much in place in the scene.

Just to be absolutely certain that I didn’t miss anything, or that the existing EventSystem was somehow “broken”, I’ve started from scratch three different times, have added a (default blank) Canvas & EventSystem to the scene, and have otherwise made certain that I’m following each & every step without missing anything. The results are the same no matter what; I simply cannot interact with the UI.

I’m quite keen to use MalberS Animal Controller & the introductory video made it seem like setting this up was going to be a snap. I’m already keenly aware that that isn’t actually the case, as the controller is far more complex than that, but I didn’t expect to be balked by something as silly as a stubborn UI.

Any assistance or advice on this matter would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Kenneth! Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the asset and the video. The video was made a while ago, with a previous version of the asset.

But also, looking at the video you made (great idea, btw!), it’s immediately clear that the issue is that something in the Malbers asset takes control of the mouse, locking it. This prevents you from interacting with any UI (not just coherence’s – it’s a typical issue of PC games that have camera controls on the mouse).

So to make it work, you have to find where Malbers sets that, and disable it… or postpone it somehow. I believe they might have a setting on the component itself? Maybe you can set it to true again via script, after you connected to coherence.

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Thanks, ciro! Sure enough, it was a simple matter of locating and unchecking the “hide cursor” option in the MalberS “Game Settings” object. Easy enough to toggle that on/off as needed now that I know where it is. I appreciate the assist!

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