Connection Issues

my prototype was working fine but now I get this error when trying to connect to a world: “A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.”

the player.log of the build : Dropbox - Player.log - Simplify your life

I originally posted this on discord saying my other project was still working, but its actually not anymore. It only works over webgl now for me - which made me think maybe the issue is on my end. I haven’t figured it out yet though.

Thanks for posting the logs. To get further information, I gather you’re on SDK version 1.1.4? Have you recently upgraded the SDK or Unity itself?

The curl errors surrounding the “failed to respond” error happen when the Worlds UI attempts to connect to a locally running RS. In your game, do you load the worlds sample UI? It looks to be loaded a dozen times or so (the error should only appear once).

I do notice the WebGL build you posted in showcase (concreto - coherence) does continue to work and is able to connect to the World, so my first guess is that it is something local to your environment, but we’ll investigate our end as well.

For further debugging purposes. The project in question (via the logs):

Project ID: coelnaa2t1cp85cacijg
World ID: 8563237

Yes the webGL also works for me, but not on the editor or on the build. Its so weird that the build is also not working, since its the same that was working before, and outside the editor.

I tried turning off all the firewalls but no difference.

Does your list of worlds populate at all? Or do you not even see your world?

yes I can see the world, when I try to connect the spinner spins for a bit and then the error message pops up

Got it - we are investigating a configuration on our end. Will keep you updated.

Ok, I believe we’ve identified a configuration issue that affected your world. Please try again

Oh yeah, everything is back on now! Thank you!

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