Worlds return list of 0

So I’m sure I’m missing something simple. I have a world created, I go through the connection and make sure I’m fully connected to the coherence cloud. When I fetch worlds I’m only getting a list of 0 returned. Are there any areas I can double check with the dashboard? I’m not passing any other arguments into FetchWorlds. When my callback is hit it comes back with successful so I’m pretty confused.

Hey Michael, I believe something got off on this world. It’s currently running RS version 4.1.x but the RS version that corresponds with your SDK version is 6.3.1. This version matters and only compatible version will be found from the SDK.

I will investigate if there is any issue with the world starting up, but would you be able to create a new world with your same schema and see if that’s returned? It should be running RS version 6.3.1, visible on the Worlds screen in the dashboard

Okay creating a new world with the same name I believe is working. So I made that broken world awhile ago, I don’t see any place to verify that the SDK should match the RS version anywhere outside of when it’s started. Not sure if there could be something saying “Hey the SDK version and the RS version don’t match” so that I can at least just make a new world to sync them again.

You’re right - this should actually be the case. It should automatically start up the correct RS version and warn you when you if it’s off. I will investigate why that is not happening with your world. Did you perhaps have the same schema between updates of the SDK?

Yeah I updated to 1.2.3 and the schema hash stayed the same.

Also is there a way to tell when a world is suspended? I wanted to verify that it suspended correctly to test some things and I’m not sure it is suspended?

If you check the world on the dashboard, it will say “Stopped” when it has auto-suspended

I missed that I actually need to the hit refresh button to see the current status. It would be nice to have a spot to see current connections on the dashboard for worlds though. I could be missing it though.

Yes, good suggestion. I’ll add that to our backlog to show active connections and refresh the World display automatically