Extreme Editor delay

Hey guys,

As mentioned in another post I’ve been doing some very basic tests with coherence, but so far I’ve been testing on a new empty project, just to see the workflow and how it works and what not.

Today I started a new branch on our main project which is already a full game, meaning there is a lot of code and assets, and started importing coherence. Made a variante for the Player prefab, added coherence sync, configured the basics, hit bake… and it took over 3 minutes to bake. Got me concerned with the iteration time but alright.

Then, I needed to make a small code change, saved the script, got Unity auto reload enabled so it started reloading… and yet another 3 minutes (a process that normally takes… 10-15 seconds in our project). I hit play on the scene to test… another 3 minutes to start the game (usually takes about 30 seconds (which already drives me nuts)), had an issue… hit “stop”… another 3 minutes.

Turned on the profiler for the editor, made another one line change, and 3 minutes later took a look at what was going on, and it seems like the majority of time somehow is in the AssetDatabase.Refresh. I’m sending a couple of screenshots below in case that helps:

This branch has no other changes other than importing coherence and setting up one single prefab, idk exactly what part of coherence’s editor code is causing the madness lol but unfortunately it would be literally impossible to work like this. Do you have any ideas of what might be causing such huge delays? Our game (Soulstone Survivors) while it has quite a lot of stuff, its definitely not even near the scale of a lot of other games out there so this sounds like a quite serious problem right now.

For reference, we are using Unity 2020.3.48, coherence 0.10.15

Thanks for the attention and help in advance!


Hello, thanks for using coherence.

It seems like there are thousands of load from disk operations being performed by the Hub. I’d recommend avoiding having the Hub window opened whilst working normally.

With that said, 0.10.15 is almost a year old at this point. Coherence 1.0 has a myriad of editor performance improvements in general amongst other things, so my main recomendation is to update both Unity to latest LTS (2021 or 2022) and coherence to 1.0.5


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Thank you for the fast reply Miguel!

Ah I see… I was under the impression that this version was still supported by coherence (2020.3.48)… that complicates things a bit for us lol, but good to know then, Ill see what I can do, will try doing that on a separate branch (we have tried upgrading before but ran into quite a few issues with the game itself).

Thanks for the help!

We used to support 2020 LTS up until the release of 1.0.1 if I remember correctly. Then we decided to align ourselves with the pattern that Unity uses. They have dropped support to 2020 LTS in June this year, with 2022 LTS coming out (was it June? it was later than usual).

Fingers crossed you will be able to update! There are many performance gains in the latest Unity versions (in the runtime, maybe not the editor :upside_down_face: )

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