SDK v0.10.11 does not compile in 2022.2

Details and error message(s)

See image. It looks like StatusTrackerIDs class had a VersionNotSupported const in 0.10.10, but it was removed in 0.10.11. This looks like it would only be an issue in 2022.2 since it is inside the #if UNITY_2022_2_OR_NEWER preprocessor

I personally have no issues with SDK 0.10.10 in 2022.2, so I have reverted to that version

Expected behaviour

It should compile :slight_smile:

How to reproduce

  1. Open a project in Unity 2022.2 and install SDK 0.10.11


SDK: 0.10.11
Unity: 2022.2.1f1
OS/Platform: Win10

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Thanks @Neodamus I’ve passed it on.

Hey @Neodamus,

Thanks for reporting the issue! We’ve fixed this issue in the latest package version:

Please try it out!



Hey @Neodamus , have you had a chance to see if this works for you now?

I got a chance to test this out and it is working now. I was able to update to 0.10.14 without any issues.

I’ll also add that FPS for the game went from ~40 FPS to ~75 FPS without any other changes being made. This is a substantial improvement in performance, and I am not aware of any other probable reason that this happened other than upgrading from 0.10.10 to 0.10.14, so I’m giving your team all the credit! :smiley:

That’s so good to hear, and thanks for letting us know!