Release Notes - 0.9.2

Hi everyone.

We just released version 0.9.2. Release Notes below.

If you’d like to see them in their natural habitat, or if you want to take a look at our documentation, head on over here.

This is a maintenance patch that includes the following items:


  • Spawning of session-based unique Entities that had a UUID in the Prefab and in an instance saved in the Scene.
  • OnInputSimulatorConnected is now raised for Simulator or Client-As-Host only if they have both input and state authority.
  • Selecting Prefab variants no longer updates the internal Archetype name (hence, no unintended schema changes).
  • Configure window: it’s no longer adding Animator parameters if they already exist.
  • coherence now warns you when there are internal inconsistencies within CoherenceSync Archetype data.
  • coherence Hub: disabled interactions with coherence Cloud when logged out.


  • The Welcome window is presented when the package is upgraded.