Release Notes 1.2.3

Hi folks. We just released version 1.2.3.


  • When importing a project for the first time (no Library folder or Reimport All operation), the CoherenceSyncConfigRegistry (if missing) is created first.
  • Prefab Instance UUID property gets removed on Prefab Assets now.
  • RoomCreationOptions.FindOrCreate no longer hardcoded to false.
  • When a CoherenceSync has property overrides that can make networking fail, the inspector informs you and allows you to delete them.
  • Multi-Room Simulators: Local Forwarder no longer active on Cloud builds.
  • ReplicationServerConfig.AutoShutdownTimeout to add new Replication Server CLI flag --auto-shutdown-timeout-ms.
  • Disconnect and entity destroy operations release the entity ID now, allowing for scenarios where a huge amount of entities are created.
  • Customizable MTU in ConnectInfo.