Release Notes 1.2

Hi everyone, we just release coherence version 1.2


  • Improved code stripping support for baked code.
  • CoherenceSyncUtils API.
  • Support for Unity’s MPPM and ParrelSync for better in-editor testing.
  • Schema inspector now shows all definitions, and links them with the related Prefabs.
  • On recompile, when coherence changes Prefabs, they will be listed on a pop-up.
  • CoherenceSync Inspector Header: Able to jump to the CoherenceSync definition while on inner child GameObjects.


  • CoherenceSync Inspector Header has been reworked. It now works with GameObjects in Scenes and handles more Prefab configurations.
  • Reworked CoherenceSyncConfigRegistry and related APIs.
  • Gathered.schema definition names no longer include names of Prefabs or Unity components.
  • UDP is now enforced for Cloud Simulators.
  • Increased MaxStablePingDeviation for ping stability.
  • IClient.SetTransportFactory no longer accepts null argument. Use the new IClient.SetTransportType instead.


  • Reliability of automations around [Sync] and [Command] has been fixed.
  • Variables in Configure Window with the same name as Animator parameters could previously show the Animator icon.
  • Fixed code generation with lots of definitions.
  • Configure Window rendering improvements - takes less time to render now.
  • Allocations made per frame by CoherenceLoop even when disconnected.
  • Fixed stutter during reparenting.


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