Room is in a stuck state

Hiya, it seems like I have a…corrupt room? It fails to connect and looking at the dashboard it’s been open for over 6 hours as of this post. Is there a way to force it to close from the dashboard? I don’t think I can upload the log here unless I’m missing the way to do that.

There is not a way to force close the room from the dashboard right now. We’re investigating the root cause of the stuck room now and will report back. Let us know if this is blocking or disrupting your development and we can purge it from our end before we figure out root cause.

I switched out to using a new name for room creation and things seem to work again. So as long as it’s not using any credits it’s fine to keep it going, I downloaded the logs if those are needed but I figure you have access to those as well.

Ok, good to hear. We do have the logs, thanks - and no, you won’t be charged credits for rooms that are empty.