Simulator fails to join room

Description, details and error message(s)

My game uses simulators and I am currently using Coherence cloud to run them. When I create a new room from my client, it seems like the simulator is started on Coherence cloud but doesn’t seem to want to join the room. The dashboard claims that a simulator is running, and I can see that my client and my simulators are using the same schemaId, however, as far as I can tell, it never joins the room.

For context; when a simulator joins a room it seems a message to each of my clients, and my clients are not receiving any message indicating that the simulator has joined. Additionally, when I go to the Dashboard, there are no logs available under “Simulator logs”. There are however logs for the room itself, and I see that the room is eventually closed due to inactivity/idleTimeout.

The Dashboard also shows an error message when attempting to view the logs for the Simulator.

Room ID: 2203771208649

Expected behaviour

The simulator joins the room and logs are available on the dashboard.



SDK: v0.10.9
Unity: n/a
OS/Platform: n/a

I just remembered I had similar issues previously: See this Discord topic.

I disabled my custom Simulator connection script but had no luck. The challenging bit is that I can’t debug this if the simulator logs are unavailable.

Hey, sorry about the logs issue - we are running into an issue right now with the integration with our upstream logs provider (Grafana cloud) specifically with simulator logs that we are working through. I hope to get it fixed very soon, and they should be accessible via the dashboard in a reliable way.

Regarding your simulator connection issue: I will DM you with logs and we can work through it.

Thanks for following up Brit. Happy to hear you are ontop of the logs issue. With the logs you provided I was able to find the issue in my custom connection script.

From my thread on Discord:

Found the issue on my end. My simulator was trying to connect twice it seems due to me not understanding that Awake is called even if a component is not enabled. This misunderstanding causes my custom connection script + the default Coherence auto connection to both try and establish the connection, which seems to confuse something down the line.

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