Stuck on "Waiting for simulator to join..."

I just attempted to connect my first client to a room created on Coherence cloud but unfortunately
my client gets stuck on “Waiting for the simulator to join…” on the example Coherence UI.

In the simulator-rooms logs, my simulator prints the following connection information before calling Monobridge.Connect():

2023-03-31T 20:14:09-05:00Z [1] [0](Simulator)(Simulator) Creating simulator connection: host:, port: 22365, region: local, roomId: 1, worldId: 0, uniqueRoomId: 1931846091721, schemaId: 60edbdeebf6d18dd22eb6a8b3b3c1a82c4993aef

I believe that the connection may not be getting made to the replication server as when I run the Simulator locally, I expect to see the following log output but we never get to this point when running on Coherence cloud:

[1] [0.02](ConnectionEventsExample)(Simulator) Connection 535891337 (Simulator) created.

Of note is that when running locally I am use a headless Windows build but the Simulator uploaded and run on Coherence cloud is (as far as I know) a Linux build. Possibly an issue with building for Linux from my Windows workstation?

Sim: 4f71f7e8-7a4c-4a06-8bd9-dfb9b9c97a7a2
Schema: 60edb

Is there something potentially obvious that I am missing on how to leverage Coherence cloud?

Sorry about this - this particular version of the RS got in a bad state and was not connecting new clients, but was not failing health check and therefore remaining available. We have fixed this in an upcoming version, and I have restarted this RS.

Can you please try again - I don’t believe there is anything wrong with your setup. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience!

Thanks for taking a look Brit.

I think I am getting further now, as I see logs on the dashboard from the room saying the Simulator could not connect due to a bad challenge.

2023-04-01T 10:25:03-05:00Z {"err":"invalid authToken : signature is invalid","level":"error","logger":"netMgr","message":"error","project-id":"cggrq4d<truncated>","room-uid":1935268643785,"time":"2023-04-01T15:25:03.8559Z"}

For what its worth, on my connection script I set the AuthToken as so:

authToken = SimulatorUtility.AuthToken

Ok, so using the provided example Simulator connection script seems to work fine, so this is likely an issue with the custom Simulator connection script I was using. Would be interested in figuring out what the delta is between my script and the provided example though.

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