warning: "... is trying to connect to a MonoBridge, but it already has one set"

I keep getting this warning as my app starts up. This is before I connect to any online rooms.

Two different scenarios:

Object pool steps:

  1. Instantiate some prefabs that have Coherence Sync on them
  2. They’re all immediately disabled with SetActive(false) and put into my object pool
  3. Many frames later, I’ll pull one out of the pool
  4. Set it active and reparent it.
  5. Now I get the warning: (coherence) CoherenceSync: 'Vertex(Clone)' is trying to connect to a MonoBridge, but it already has one set.

Instance in scene steps:

  1. put an instance of a thing with CoherenceSync in the scene
  2. Set it to be uniqueness=“no duplicates”
  3. run game (thing in scene isn’t active at startup)
  4. warning happens immediately.

I have no idea if the uniqueness matters for the instance scenario.

Any ideas the cause and if I should be concerned? If I shouldn’t be concerned, perhaps the warning shouldn’t be there?


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I’ve made the team aware of this! We’ll look into it.
My hunch is that you can safely ignore it. I imagine the warning is there to warn you that there might be something wrong in the setup, which isn’t the case in your situation.

But as you know we’re also reworking object pooling for 1.0, so this warning might go away as part of that (I’m not part of the SDK team so I’m just guessing here) given that workflows like the one you’re using would become an integral part of the tooling.