Coherence should work as expected with "Reload Domain" disabled

Disabling Unity Project Setting - Editor - Enter Play Mode Options - Reload Domain creates errors when rooms list is large, in that you often can no longer find a room that is created in the room list. If this setting is enabled, I have not had this issue.

Personally, disabling Reload Domain saves about 10-15s on every play, which is significant in rapid iterations

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When you mention this, you mean with the default Sample UI, right?
Just trying to understand the scope, since we’re in the process of redesigning the UI and its functionality.

But I agree, we should fully and always support Enter Play Mode Options! They are a lifesaver!

Yes, that’s correct, default UI. It only shows previously created rooms and I’m assuming there are just too many rooms in the list, so it doesn’t show the new room.

Because disabling Reload Domain doesn’t refresh static instances, I am making a broad assumption that the rooms list in some way is tied to a static variable and new rooms created like this are just added to the end and never get seen whereas if this variable gets refreshed, it changes the order the rooms are displayed and allows the new room to be seen. (purely educated guess here)

Also, on that note, I’m also not sure why rooms that no longer have activity / connections show in the rooms list locally for so long, which probably is a suggestion in itself, but is definitely related to this. It seems like they stick around for 15minutes or more (I haven’t timed), but it is long enough that I can easily have up to 10 rooms in there, 9 of them empty.

They should stay open for 5 minutes by default. You can configure their timeout on your Dashboard, in the Rooms section of your project!

I was talking about locally, not on cloud. Is there a way to control the timeout on rooms locally? Ideally, they’d go away instantly when there is no one left in them in during development.

I just tested creating a room locally and timed it, and it lasted at least 10minutes without any connections. I didn’t time beyond that.

Hi! This is in our radar, you’re correct in your assumption that right now we have a bunch of static initializers that don’t play well with this feature and they are due to be refactored eventually.

This is now fully supported in coherence 1.0!
(out soon)