Baking should always use most recent changes

When baking manually, it seems like sometimes the code isn’t fully compiled or something (not sure correct terminology I should use here). Basically what happens is I will:

  • Manually bake
  • Start up the local replication server
  • Click play and try to connect

The server will reject me saying I have incorrect schema. I will then stop, repeat the steps above, and it will work as expected with no action done except rebaking it.

I think just a check when manually baking to make sure that schema will be same for what’s being baked and what the server will replicate is needed here because there are cases where this isn’t happening – unsure of exactly what steps to repeat are here

Hi @Neodamus , thanks for the suggestion. We’ll take a look and see where it fits in our priorities.

Hey @Neodamus , now that we’re on 0.10.11 I am told there’s a very big chance this is sorted now. Have you had a chance to try it out?

Tried checking this out, but this bug prevents me at this time: SDK v0.10.11 does not compile in 2022.2

Fair point. Let me see if I can get an update on that.

Regarding this specifically, we are in the process of releasing 0.10.12 (soon®), which will be fully functional with Unity 2022.2.

For your issue, I will leave it to someone from the SDK team. It certainly shouldn’t work like that, the bake should capture the latest changes and produce the right schema. Sounds like it’s not, either because some modification was done after baking - perhaps working on the synced properties on an open Prefab (in Prefab mode) that wasn’t saved before pressing Play?

Do you connect these Prefabs via the PrefabMapper ScriptableObject, or Resources?

If it happens again, the more steps or situational info you can provide the better we can narrow it down. Thanks!

I’ll be closing this soon, unless there’s an update from the user’s side.

Late update, but this was implemented a while ago.