Schema should automatically upload when a sim build is uploaded to Coherence Cloud

Uploading a build does not automatically upload schema, but I do not understand why there would ever be a situation where a person would upload a sim build without needing to also update the schema. Seems like schema should upload by default here

Technically, you could have a Simulator (or a Client) application do different things while keeping the same schema. This could go from a small bugfix to a ton of gameplay changes, all while passing the same network data = so, no schema change.

But I presume you imply that the schema has changed. In that case yeah, I don’t see why not upload it by default.

Will poke the SDK team on this!

I see, that makes sense.

I guess maybe just a checkbox/option in the sim upload section that allows you to automatically upload schema when uploading build? or upload schema automatically with build if it detects local schema is different than cloud schema?

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This is configurable behaviour in the coherence settings, not exactly when uploading a build, but you’re able to configure that schema is automatically updated either when entering play mode or when building a Unity binary.

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