Suggestion for a future demo - one where clients control different characters with different attributes

Pretty sure it’s something you ‘ll be planning, but wanted to give a thumbs up to that. It would be nice to see a demo more “Room” oriented, focusing on small matches between 2 or more people perhaps. This could mean choosing to play as Player 1 or Player 2 or even choosing a Team (if playing with more than 2). Would be nice to see how a Network Manager would handle these initial player choices and see that applied perhaps in a small pvp match or a turn based game.


Thanks for the suggestion! These are all interesting things to cover.

I can definitely see how the whole Join roomWait for other players to joinStart match is a thing many people will want to do in their games. Now it’s just about figuring out what shape to give it… whether to add it to First Steps, or to spin off a new project with more advanced setups.


Yeah, I understand, and it’s tricky because it’s not that we expect to have a demo of a full “game” obviously but rather just the initial setup logic of such an approach sorted out to have a basis to build with! I would even prefer to simply have buttons and text and not bother with any gameplay at all if that helps (unpopular opinion?), though I understand the need to make something fun and appealing at the same time like in First Steps. (Also I do realize that having 2 players play simultaneously or in turns are different demos as well). So at least for me having a First Steps going through that setup logic, is definitely more helpful as a new user with Coherence. Pretty sure you’ll come up with the best approach though, the learning material so far has been pretty solid :ok_hand:


Hehe, maybe. Also here we got both feedbacks: have simpler demos with just cubes, and have more elaborate and realistic gameplay.

Full game demos will definitely come in the future, it makes a lot of sense to have genre-specific demos. But for now we’re still tackling the basics, so to speak, since we had little to no education material.

I think in my head I’m getting some ideas for what a “Second Steps” project could look like. (does the name even make sense?)

Thanks for all the ideas!