How do I set up Player accounts with player data? Step by step guide please.

I’m currently developing a game that:

  1. Has an Inventory System
  2. Has teams
  3. And requires account data

How do I set up account sign ups and log ins. Please respond with a step-by-step guide to set up accounts.

Hi @Ozoneinc , welcome to the community! Thanks for posting here. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

A couple of questions to better understand your setup:

  • Are you using rooms or worlds? If rooms, do you plan to use our lobby system?
  • Are you using our built-in sample UIs right now?
  • Are you using a simulator?

I’ll aggregate some of the links to our documentation here as we get started:

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Hello Brit, thanks for getting back to me.
To answer your question, I think I am using a sample and I am also using rooms. I’m not so sure what you mean by a simulator but I don’t think so.

Ok, great: Are you familiar with Unity’s UI system and creating a simple login form?

Once you have a simple interface with an input for username and password and a button to submit, let us know and we can hook it into our Auth

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I’m a bit u familiar with UI forms. Do you mind specifying a little more?

There are a bunch of great Unity login form tutorials out there: unity ui login form - Google Search

Check em out to figure out how you want to implement them in your game.

No need to ping in Discord as we get notifications here too!

Okay thanks!

I’m seeing a lot of videos here. All of them seem to have their own authentication system. How would I create a login form that I can Then connect to your authentication system?

Yup, I sent them as reference for getting acquainted with Unity’s UI system. Once you build the form, the onclick button of your form would trigger the logic in our sample Authentication script: LoginAsUser Authentication Service (Player Accounts) - Unity Multiplayer SDK Documentation | coherence

You then have access to the UserID generated by our auth system: Interface IAuthClient | Unity Documentation

From there, you can use that UserID to associate any data with it using a system of your choosing. We support a key-value store available to the authenticated client, but it sounds like you’re wanting to have a separate system associating data and performing logic on all users? You’ll have to build that logic yourself on a separate system, but you can have your game clients send their UserIDs to it.

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I’m fairly new to coherence and I do not know where to start. If your up to it, would u mind creating a quick and short video of just getting started?

Check out this getting started video

Hello again. Thanks for getting back to me! I already watched the video and that is how I set up my multiplayer. What I’m asking is for a quick video tutorial on getting started with player accounts and user ID data.

Ah, got it - tutorial content like this is high on our priority list. And Auth is a great subject for it - we’ll update you when we have that.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it! Can I get an estimated time until the tutorial comes out? I’m sort of on a schedule making my game.

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Depending on how tight this schedule is! We are at work on other samples that have higher priority, so I don’t think anything before a few months. Hard to make an estimate.

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