Ensure example implementations can be copy pasted

In situations where I find the documentation can’t answer my question I normally go spelunking through example code. For the most part I’ve been able to find the answers I want through this method, however there’s been an occasion or two where I wasn’t able to leverage the same approach that the example code uses, such as when the example code uses internal APIs.

Example from Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.10.9/Coherence.UI/NetworkDialog.cs

if (monoBridge?.InternalClient != null)
    monoBridge.InternalClient.OnConnected += OnConnect;
    monoBridge.InternalClient.OnDisconnected += OnDisconnect;
    monoBridge.InternalClient.OnConnectionError += OnConnectionError;

As far as I can tell this does the same thing as monoBridge.onConnected, etc., so it would likely be better for these examples to only use the public APIs, as that is what an integrator will have available to them.


Thanks @Kevin I’ll pass it on.