Errors with InternalClient.NetworkTime in CoherenceMonoBridge script

Hello, I am having an issue where after I connect to the room in my game using the connect dialog, I am getting some errors occurring at every Update() and FixedUpdate() call related to the InternalClient.NetworkTime within the CoherenceMonoBridge script. I’m not sure if the first error is unrelated, could be, I am pretty new to Unity as well so its very possible I just did something simple wrong.

Here are the errors that are popping up:

Exception: String too long. Max length: 63 bytes.
Coherence.Serializer.OutProtocolBitStream.WriteShortString (System.String s) (at Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.10.14/Coherence.Serializer/OutProtocolBitStream.cs:105)
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Coherence.Flux.Flux.SendPacket (Coherence.Brook.IOutOctetStream stream) (at Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.10.14/Coherence.Transport/Flux/Flux.cs:44)
Coherence.Transport.UdpTransport.Send (Coherence.Brook.IOutOctetStream stream) (at Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.10.14/Coherence.Transport/UdpTransport.cs:96)

Coherence.Toolkit.CoherenceMonoBridge.ReceiveFromNetworkAndUpdateTime () (at Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.10.14/Coherence.Toolkit/CoherenceMonoBridge.cs:617)
Coherence.Toolkit.CoherenceMonoBridge.Update () (at Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.10.14/Coherence.Toolkit/CoherenceMonoBridge.cs:596)

And if I follow the error codes, I end up here in the CoherenceMonoBridge script:

        private void Update()

        private void FixedUpdate()

        /// <summary>
        ///     Handles <see cref="NetworkTime" /> update and data receiving through <see cref="IClient.UpdateReceiving" />. Sending
        ///     is handled by the <see cref="CoherenceMonoBridgeSender" />.
        /// </summary>
        private void ReceiveFromNetworkAndUpdateTime()
            if (InternalClient != null)
                InternalClient.NetworkTime.LastPing = InternalClient.Ping;



                InternalClient.NetworkTime.MultiClientMode = !controlTimeScale;
                InternalClient.NetworkTime.AccountForPing = adjustSimulationFrameByPing;
                if (controlTimeScale)
                    Time.timeScale = InternalClient.NetworkTime.NetworkTimeScale;

Am I doing something wrong here with setup or configuration, or the way I am testing in the editor, or is this a known bug? Happy to provide more info if needed, just wanted to see if it was a quick fix… Thanks!

Would you be able to share more of the code leading to the error? As I understand it, the error is thrown inside coherence code in the CoherenceMonoBridge class, but it’s some user/gameplay code that is triggering it in the first place (?)