causes browser freeze/rendering error


this isn’t about the framework, but some rather weird annoying problem with the documentation page.

Whenever I open page all of my open web browser windows turn black for a second, flicker and then recover again. Sometimes the browser also freezes for a few seconds completely. Also any media content I had running, like Youtube or Twitch, always freezes, turns black and I have to reload the pages for them to function again. This is quiet annoying.

I have only ever encountered this to happen with the page and no other web page at all.
If I refresh the docs page or open another instance of it in another tab, the freeze doesn’t happen again immediately. Only when I completely close the browser, reopen it and then reopen the docs page again for the first time in a “session” it again causes the freeze.

I’m on Windows 10 (22H2) with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, an AMD Radeon RX 6800 on latest official Adrenalin driver (23.2.2).

Tested it in Chrome and Edge and it happens with both. I also tried it on another PC with an Geforce graphics card, where this doesn’t seem to happen.

Just wondering if anybody else encountered this problem?


Well, you present an interesting issue, @emjay .

  1. First, here’s the obligatory “did you clean cache and remove all cookies, and try incognito”?
  2. How many browser tabs and windows do you have open at the time?
  3. This is completely optional, but it could be interesting. If you open the browser console before loading our documentation page, do you notice anything strange in the Console or Network tabs once you do load the page? Any (big) spikes there?

Hi @emjay, I think it might perhaps be due to some browser extension? I’d start by disabling the usual suspects (dark mode extensions, adblock, etc.). I’ve used at least 3 PCs recently to check out, all using Chrome (2 with Ghostery adblock), and haven’t encountered this behavior. Please let us know how you get on!

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Hey @emjay did you see any improvement?

sorry for the late reply, I had a busy work week.

First of all, thanks for the fast responses and feedback!

Here are some of things I tried and my findings:

  • I noticed with Microsoft Edge the freeze is often longer than in Chrome, sometimes even up to 20-30 secs.
  • Tried clearing cache, cookies both in chrome and edge, still freezes.
  • Tried incognito mode in both, still freezes.
  • Tried turning off all extensions, still freezes.
  • Tried using a VPN to circumvent possible network provider/modem/router-side adblockers and malware protection shenanigans, still freezes.
  • Tried in a fresh install of Chrome Portable, still freezes.
  • Tried restarting windows, having all other programs closed, still freezes.
  • Tried it in Windows Sandbox (freshly installed Win10 virtual machine) with AMD GPU enabled, still freezes.
  • (!) Tried it in Windows Sandbox with AMD GPU DISABLED => DOESN’T freeze
  • (!) Tried it in Firefox Portable, DOESN’T freeze

So, this might be a problem with AMD GPUs and Chromium-based browser rendering?

Weirdly enough, this ONLY happens on

Here are two videos I took in a freshly opened Win10 Sandbox environment using Microsoft Edge:

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Thank you for this epic amount of troubleshooting! I’ll take your findings to the developer of GitBook, the documentation solution we are using. Hopefully they can take a look and fix it going forward :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

short update:

It seems I am not able to reproduce this problem anymore.
So either it has been fixed by GitBook or an AMD GPU driver update did it.

Anyway, thanks! :slight_smile: