Do you have a features comparison table?

Do you have a features comparison table, or some notes on key reasons Coherence is better than the competition… and perhaps areas where it can catch up.

We don’t have a direct one-to-one comparison.
We do offer quite a few things that you would expect from such a framework in 2023: state replication, RPCs, fast data transfer, optimisation, etc. etc. client/server architecture, ability to do prediction, rollback, built-in interpolation of values, etc.

But, thinking of the most interesting things that maybe only we do:
The flexible authority model we have is something and we think it’s one of the most exciting features of coherence, because it’s not an afterthought, but rather a first class-citizen, and as a developer it opens up a lot of creative possibilities. It’s explained in this video:

On that topic, you can also check out this one:

Another highlight is ease of use.
A third point is the integration between the SDK in Unity and the hosting. The path to putting something online that you can test with someone else on the other side of the world is very, very short.

And finally, all the tools we have to create big and optimized online worlds: World origin shifting, Livequeries, Optimisation window, etc. it’s not something to be taken for granted, and in fact, at this moment, we have a hard time thinking of a solution that features them all and in such depth.