Basic Question on Unity DOTS \ NetCode vs coherence

Hello all!

This is a very basic question as I am a little bit above my pay grade here :slight_smile: I am in the process of doing some investigative work for my studio as we look at how we are going to tackle multiplayer in our next game (Our second game overall and first with multiplayer). We are in the very early process of looking into Unity DOTS and NetCode. My basic question is this, does coherence sit on top of NetCode or is completely different. If it is completely different what advantages does coherence have over NetCode?

Then my second question; are there any console limitations with coherence?


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Hi @Retrosoft_Mike, and welcome!

We’re happy to hear you’re looking into coherence. To answer your questions:

coherence right now offers an implementation for Unity that deals with regular GameObjects. We don’t have one for DOTS at the moment, but we are looking into it as there is interest from other users already. So in this sense we sit in the same space as what Unity calls Netcode for GameObjects (they often refer to it as NGO) rather than their DOTS-specific Netcode for Entities (N4E).

However - I believe - we have a slightly different philosophy that makes coherence a bit nicer to work with (optimisation, great tooling, flexible authority, etc).

Regarding consoles, we don’t have limitations.

Happy to answer more questions!

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