[Sync] with interpolation property

I just recently noticed my enemy health was being interpolated by default! I would really like to set interpolation to none on [Sync] and [OnValueSynced(nameof(Blah))] within my code editor.

If possible i’d like to limit how often I go into the configuration panel for how objects syncs, and right now I think I’m forced to visit it.

It could be like [Sync(interpolation: Coherence.Interpolation.none)] or
[Sync(interpolation: Coherence.Interpolation.active)]
or if it’s possible to just pass in a reference to an interpolation asset.
Same goes for the [OnValueSynced]

Just a suggestion anyways, thanks.

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It’s a good suggestion! I was going to bring it to the team, but then I realised… we have it already?

Screenshot 2023-07-04 alle 15.01.25

But then I tried to assign it, and I found this:

At least in the upcoming 1.0 version - I imagine in 0.10.x interpolation was on by default. (can’t check right now)
So I guess your wish has been granted… or, it had been granted? :smiley:

Regarding passing a reference to an interpolation asset, I’ll propose it, but I think it’s a bit hard to do in an elegant way from within an attribute. So for that the UI might be the place to go. But I’ll leave it to the team to decide!

I see, I am using 0.10.x so a lot of this stuff is unknown to me :face_with_peeking_eye:

Did we manage to introduce it and deprecate it in the same version?! Noo… that would be funny.

I see from your screenshot you have 2 of 2 - the signature with only the oldName as parameter. I think what I’m talking about the first option (1 of 2)?

1 of 2 is no parameters

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Weird! Then I don’t know what happened there :laughing:

But yeah, new default in 1.0 (which is out, by the way!) is no interpolation.