GameObjects do not trigger OnValueSynced

Brief description

GameObject fields correctly sync, but when GameObject changes, it does not trigger the OnValueSynced attribute as with other types such as int… ie: OnValueSyncedSampleMethod(GameObject old, GameObject new)


SDK: 0.10
Unity: 2022.2.1f1
OS/Platform: Win10

Thanks for the report, Neodamus!

I do see however that this is mentioned in the docs, at the very last paragraph of this page: [OnValueSynced] Attribute - coherence docs

Value sync callbacks are currently only supported for value types. That means the following types are not supported: byte[ ], CoherenceSync, GameObject, Transform and RectTransform.

Sorry! But in any case, something we need to look into and make it happen! Hence the currently in that text.

Ah I see, just wanted to make sure it was known, but looks like it obviously is :wink:

Should I delete this and add to suggestions instead?

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Thanks for the thought :slight_smile: I think we can move it ourselves, though I don’t seem to have the power. Maybe @per_coh?