Packet filled with messages

Hey, i dont have that many entities and I only sync position & rotation ( with decreased rate & accuracy,) but i still get console warnings that the buffer is full. Am i doing something very wrong?

When capturing for this post it didnt happen. Will update as soon as it happens again.

Hey @Fikus !

Can you confirm this is the warning you’re seeing?

“We received a packet filled with messages (commands, inputs, etc.). This means that regular entity updates might become delayed.”

If this is the case, with the small amount of entities and synced variables that you have, my immediate thought is that maybe you’re sending way too many commands, is that possible?

To help you troubleshoot, coherence has a Profiler module available that you can read about here: Profiling | SDK 1.2 | Unity Multiplayer SDK Documentation | coherence

In the coherence profiler you can see the amount of updates and commands coming in or out of any given client.

Yes, that’s the message :slight_smile:

Ah :person_facepalming: I missed the plugin when checking. I will investigate. For testing I placed debugs in all Command calls and it was around 100 per minute, could be that I missed something.
Will check with plugin and report back what i find.


The commands seem the main suspect here. If you’re sending lengthy commands very frequently it could be filling up packets with just serialized commands.

It seems like it’s no longer happening now :frowning:
And the numbers look way under anything game breaking. Will report back if it repeats.
Thanks for the help!


That screenshot shows 32 commands going out in a single frame, it sounds like a lot.

The bandwidth out in this frame is 1.2 kilobytes, which is only 0.1 KB away from being a full packet.

A packet holds at most 1.3 KB of data, if you see packets going out every frame near the this number, this client might be acting as a bottleneck.

I’d try not to overuse commands every frame.