About cheater user

Hello. My name is Hyun Kim.

Recently, my team is developing a vampire survival game and we want to use coherence’s basic server features.

I already asked some question to Coherence, but I would like to ask one more question (Due to my poor english)

I want to do simulation processing on the server to prevent cheater user(in client level), but I wonder if it is possible to synchronize monsters and projectiles after simulation.


Yes, when using a simulator to prevent cheating the typical approach is to have the simulator own authority over all of the entities. With coherence when your simulator moves or takes action on an entity, they will automatically be synced with all connected clients.

You will also want to implement input queues if you want to validate all of the client’s inputs:

Just a note that for survivor-like game feel with fast action and many entities, you’ll likely want to implement prediction so that players feel like they’re interacting with local entities:

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Hi again :slight_smile:

I have one more minor question for you

You told me coherence’s maximum entity amount is 32,768. In this condition, how fast Replication Server work?

In short, does a Replication Server process 32,768 Entities to 75 KB/s?

Thank you