New error comes up in Automated Multiplayer Tests

New error comes up in Automated Multiplayer Tests:
Exception: short simulation frames are too close 169 and 46

Any help on what causes this or where best to catch it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

`Exception: short simulation frames are too close 169 and 46, stacktrace: Coherence.SimulationFrame.ShortSimulationFrame.Delta (Coherence.SimulationFrame.ForwardDeltaSimulationFrame beforeDeltaFrame, Coherence.SimulationFrame.ForwardDeltaSimulationFrame currentDeltaFrame) (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.SimulationFrame/ShortSimulationFrameUtil.cs:31)`

`4259Coherence.SimulationFrame.ShortSimulationFrame.ToSimulationFrame (Coherence.SimulationFrame.AbsoluteSimulationFrame simulationFrameReference, Coherence.SimulationFrame.ForwardDeltaSimulationFrame shortSimulationFrame) (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.SimulationFrame/ShortSimulationFrameUtil.cs:37)`
`4260Coherence.Serializer.PacketHeaderReader.ReadShortSimulationFrame (Coherence.Brook.IOctetReader reader, Coherence.SimulationFrame.AbsoluteSimulationFrame previous) (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Serializer/PacketHeaderReader.cs:136)`
`4261Coherence.Serializer.PacketHeaderReader.DeserializeBasicHeader (Coherence.Brook.IInOctetStream reader, Coherence.SimulationFrame.AbsoluteSimulationFrame previous) (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Serializer/PacketHeaderReader.cs:84)`
`4262Coherence.Core.InConnection.ProcessIncomingPacket (Coherence.Brook.IInOctetStream octetStream, Coherence.SimulationFrame.AbsoluteSimulationFrame serverSimulationFrame) (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Core/InConnection.cs:64)`
`4263Coherence.Core.InConnection.Update (Coherence.SimulationFrame.AbsoluteSimulationFrame serverSimulationFrame) (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Core/InConnection.cs:58)`
`4264Coherence.Core.ClientCore.UpdateReceiving () (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Core/ClientCore.cs:338)`
`4265Coherence.Toolkit.CoherenceMonoBridge.ReceiveFromNetworkAndUpdateTime () (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Toolkit/CoherenceMonoBridge.cs:556)`
`4266Coherence.Toolkit.CoherenceMonoBridge.FixedUpdate () (at /builds/bossians/production/project/Library/PackageCache/io.coherence.sdk@0.9.1/Coherence.Toolkit/CoherenceMonoBridge.cs:542)`

Hey Kirsten!

Thanks for reporting the issue. This looks like a bug on our side which we’ll investigate shortly.

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With the current configuration of the Replication Server the code from the stack trace that you’ve provided should have never executed! That leads me to a suspicion that the client was connecting to a non-compatible Replication Server.

The 0.9.1 client is compatible with a Replication Server version 0.28.2 - could you please confirm if that’s the setup that you’re using in your tests?

here are the settings

I see that the package has the correct Replication Server version bundled, but we still need to know if this is the version that gets executed in your automated tests.

How do you provision a Replication Server in the automated tests? Is it run from the executable packaged with the SDK? Is it run every time anew or is it deployed just once on a separate machine and used for all the tests?

Perhaps you can fetch the Replication Server logs from the test? The very first line printed contains the version number.

Sorry I’m not super knowledgeable about coherence. I believe it is run from the executable packaged with the SDK and it is run everytime anew for each test run. I cannot find the log it doesn’t appear to be the first printed line. If you could give me some text from the replication server log I could search the logs for it?

Hi @Kirsten_Miller . Turns out this was slightly less straightforward than we thought, so we’re looking on our side and we’ll get back to you soon.

Confirming for future: We were connecting to US East coherence replication server in the coherence cloud

Thanks. It looks like that was a pretty rare error and it’s not happening anymore. We’ll be adding some tweaks to a future release that should prevent it from happening again.

I’ve gone ahead and marked Filip’s answer as solution. This way other users will find it quicker and know that we’re looking into it.

Seen this error two more times since this was marked as solved. Most recently between 2022-11-16 23:26:58Z and 2022-11-16 23:27:33Z. Have sent logs to Filip

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This error has come up again between 2023-01-13 00:35:18Z and 2023-01-13 00:35:53Z