Multi-Room Simulator Local Forwarder issue

Description, details and error message(s)

When Multi-Room Simulator Local Forwarder component is enabled in cloud environment, it is now creating a connection. This means when creating and joining a room as client, 2 simulator objects get created. This did not happen before.

Expected behaviour

I was able to resolve this by disabling this component when uploading to the cloud, but ideally this should not have to be done. This component should not try to create a connection in the cloud environment.

This was already how it functioned before, so I’m not sure what changed.

I will be very sad every time I spend 5-10 minutes to upload a cloud build for testing, only to find I forgot to disable this component, so I’m going to have to disable and reupload again :sob:

How to reproduce

  1. Add all components for MRS scene
  2. Upload build to cloud, create and join room

There will be 2 simulators in the DontDestroyOnLoad scene


SDK: 1.2.1
Unity: 2022.3.4f1
OS/Platform: Win10

We talked on Discord, but for posterity: we’ve raised this issue internally and are investigating.

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Fix for this coming on 1.2.3, which I estimate will come out in 2 weeks time.

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