Expose createdAt UNIX timestamp on RoomData

When building a UI that lists the available rooms it would be helpful to have data about when the room was created. For my specific use case, I would use this data (ideally a UNIX timestamp) to sort the list of rooms.

From what I can tell, this information is not currently available. As a work around, I could envision storing the timestamp as as KV pair when creating the room, but this is of course subject to clients being malicious, so less ideal.


Please let me know if I am missing something obvious. Thanks :slight_smile: .


And thanks for that one @Kevin . Added this one too.

Late reply, but this should be sorted now.

Awesome to hear, thanks!

Is this new field covered in any existing docs?

Hey Kevin, yes, as of a couple of months ago we have API Reference docs, so you can find this parameter (and more) on the RoomData struct page.

We still need to add details to all parameters, hopefully most of them are self explanatory! :crossed_fingers:
For the rest, just ask! :slight_smile:

Hey Kevin, as a bonus we’ve also updated the Rooms article in our docs (it now has a screenshot of the UI as well as a more clear list of what’s shown). Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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