Jaunpils Pils Simulator

Hey all! I wanted to show a game I made with a friend two weeks ago, as part of a week-long game jam called Castle Game Jam.

Castle Jam happened in Latvia, inside a castle in a small town called Jaunpils.

As such our game - which is basically an online walking simulator based inside the castle - is called Jaunpils Pils Simulator *. The game is pretty simple and is meant to be a nostalgic shout to the game jam itself, so you can roam the castle grounds, chat with other online users, talk to the one NPC present, shoot the cannon, play with a ball, and read little notes left around.

Jaunpils Pils?

* Apparently pils in Latvian means castle. So Jaunpils means “new castle”. But then Jaunpils became the name of the town, so the castle is now Jaunpils Pils.

The other interesting thing is the art style. Together with the castle scan, made using a drone, my friend Ivan “scanned” people by just taking a front/back photo, and slapping it (wrapping) on a lowpoly model. The art style that came out is pretty unique, if I can say so!
In reality, it’s pretty in line with other projects by Ivan (who goes by Nothke) like his rally game Shakedown, or his upcoming Serbian life game Podvarak.

Here’s the game page, where you can try the game in WebGL too (try it with a friend).

Finally, a very funny video where, after posting the link to the game on Twitter, someone joined all of a sudden!

It was a very serendipitous moment because we still don’t know who it was, and they didn’t know what they were getting into :stuck_out_tongue: but they stayed for something like 10 minutes in the game build. I closed the build, but then found them still connected when I pressed Play in the editor maybe 10 minutes later. They were still jumping around and testing the limits of the game world.

Sorry for the video is very rough and un-edited:

Finally, one funny bug. When you chat 1:1, everything is fine. But when multiple players are connected, everybody else will also say the same thing, leading to funny situations:

You can also find other games made at the jam here: Submissions to Castle Game Jam 2023 - itch.io

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That looks fun :slight_smile:

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