How to increase the limit of synced variables on an object

Hello, I am trying to sync a humanoid avatar (head, hands, feet etc but also fingers, so quite a number of joints). The thing is that after a point the configuration window does not let me sync any more transforms. Is this something that I should fix with code? (using [Sync]?)

Hi Elli. To answer your question, no, using [Sync] in code wouldn’t let you add more synced properties to a component, as both the UI workflow and the C# attribute [Sync] they contribute to the same pool.

We had a similar question regarding ragdolls in the past on Discord, so I’ll take from what we posted there (the conversation is in the #general channel so a bit fragmented).

To directly answer your question, Miguel suggested in that thread to add as many components as you need to sync more properties. Each component supports 32 bindings, so if you add one or two you should be covered in any case.

But ultimately it depends on the level of fidelity you wish to achieve. Generally speaking, it might be a lot to ask to synchronise more than 32 bones per character on the network, especially if (as I can imagine) they move all the time. Lots of network traffic! So I wonder if you can’t just sync the main ones, and maybe leave it to animation to drive the minor ones?

Hope it helps!

Ok, I’ll try to sync the main joints then and let the IK handle the rest, hopefully. Stick to using one Coherence Sync. Thank you!