FAQs - Community

Should I use Discord or community?

If you have a question for us, want to report a possible bug, or give us feedback, the community is the best place.
If you want to have a more direct chat with other developers like yourself, Discord is where you’ll want to have a look.

Where’s your Discord?

You’ll find it right here.

Can I sign into community with my coherence account?

We don’t offer that option at the moment. But you can very easily log in with:

  • your email address
  • Google
  • Discord

Why is the text of some users here blue?

It can be difficult at times to see if staff have commented somewhere. Hopefully this makes our comments easier to find.

How do I start a new topic based on a current one?

The community has a feature called Reply as a Linked Topic. If you’re reading a discussion and want to start a new thread/topic based on that discussion, just click Share (button_share_inline) and in the new popup click New Topic (button_new_topic_inline).

How do I change the community theme to dark/light?

  • After you log in, click/tap on your avatar at the top-right.
  • Go to Preferences (button_preferences)
  • Find (the other) Preferences (button_cogwheel)
  • Go to Interface, then choose your Theme and Color Scheme

How do I quote someone in my reply?

Simply select the text you want to quote and you’ll get a small popup option to quote. This will automatically start a new reply with the quoted text and author.