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All You Need to Know About coherence 1.0

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coherence and the revolution of multiplayer game development
Our CEO, Dino Patti, and CTO, Tadej Gregorčič, take you on a journey, sharing the milestones achieved since the inception of coherence and the launch of version 1.0—a culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

We get asked this question a lot. By our partners. By our parents. By our friends. By our investors. And by you, the game developers. It’s always a little difficult to give the answer that covers everything. The question is - what is coherence?

It’s a dream to make multiplayer game dev so easy that a single developer could do it.

It’s a team of 31 people spread across 16 countries, ranging from Odessa, Ukraine to Vancouver BC, Canada.

It’s a way to work, so different from what many of us are used to, that it may as well be called coherence.

It’s a mindset of transparency, honesty, accountability, friendly acceptance, and humor.

It’s technical brilliance forged in the fires of countless developed games from world-renowned triple-A titles like Crysis or Battlefield to small award-winning indie games like Limbo or Blueberry Garden, now brought to bear on solving multiplayer.

But most of all, coherence is a new way to think about multiplayer. Multiplayer used to be a hard problem, a resource sink, a source of frustration and too often, a failure.

We’re changing all that, today.

Come and do it with us.

See what’s new with 1.0