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Is it possible to create a client with the command line interface without using Unity? Please let me know if there is documentation. CLI clients allow for faster iteration during development, can be used for server load testing, and are also useful for client rendering load testing.


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Did you have a look here?

Hi @younggi , I’m told I misunderstood your question, but someone from coherence will follow up with you in this thread.

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It’s possible, and I agree with the benefits you mention.

TL;DR: the “client core” part of the coherence SDK is independent from Unity, but you would also have to handle entity management and tracking yourself (CoherenceBridge is tied to Unity right now).

We use this approach internally but haven’t packaged it for public use yet (i.e. no documentation, no samples, etc.). And right now, this is not one of our product priorities unfortunately.

But if the above information is enough for you, you could probably make it work with what’s in the package right now, although it would likely take some digging and trial and error.

Btw not sure if this is relevant, but we also have some options for paid support where our team can get more involved or collaborate on a project. In that case feel free to drop us an email at and tell us a little bit more about it.

We’ll also be monitoring this thread so let us know if you have any further questions!


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