404 Not Found error when calling ReplicationServerRoomsService.RemoveRoomAsync


Description, details and error message(s)

When I call RemoveRoomAsync from an instantiated ReplicationServerRoomsService my client receives a 404 error.

Expected behaviour

When given a valid uniqueId and secret the room is removed.


In the below images, the only difference I see is that the “Secret” value on the room is “devSecret” however the replicator logs secret=1. I’m not sure if this indicates that a secret is set, or if the value of the secret is the value 1 from the local replicators perspective.

How to reproduce

Rate: Every time


  1. Instantiate a ReplicationServerRoomsService instance.
  2. Use the intance to create a room on the local replicator service.
  3. Call RemoveRoomAsync with the uniqueId and secret from the created room


SDK: v1.0.0
Engine: v0.61.5
Unity: 2022.3.4f1

Thanks for reporting that @Kevin . I’ve let the team know.

Can you try removing the room with the Id value (e.g. ‘2’ in this case) - we have a long standing task to deprecate and remove UniqueId and unfortunately it’s still causing confusion.

room-secret=1 indicates there is a secret, not its value. So yes, use the secret provided from the create room response.

Thanks Brit I’ll give that a try and circle back to update you here.

@brit unfortunately that didn’t seem to clear it up. Getting the same error still.

Also, ruling out using the wrong service instance:

Very odd - it’s like it’s not reaching the RS at all. Are there any RS log lines that correspond with the request?

Ah, doing some digging and I think we’ve found a bug in the SDK for this self-hosted rooms service. I will get with the SDK team to get a fix in.

@Kevin it’s not you, it’s us… :sunflower: